Benefits Of Hiring A Lawyer With Knowledge Of a Car Accident Insurance Laws

According to recent statistics, 2.31 million people are injured in an automobile accident each year.  If you have been involved in an automobile accident, it can be a very traumatic experience. Not only is there mental and physical trauma, a car accident can also lead to financial costs. If you were involved in a car accident that was the other driver’s fault, you should not be responsible for the financial loss associated with the accident. In this case, it is best to hire an attorney who has experience with NYC car accident insurance laws. There are several benefits of hiring a great car accident lawyer in New York City.

Assessment of the Case

If you have been in an accident, you may not know whether or not you have a case against the other driver. Most people do not know the NYC car accident insurance laws will not know if they would be eligible for compensation from the other driver. A lawyer would be able to look at all of the evidence surrounding the accident. This would include the accident report from the police, statements from the witnesses, medical information from the hospital that you were seen, and an estimate from the garage doing the repair on your vehicle. All of this information will give the lawyer a chance to determine whether or not you should go after the responsible party for compensation, and how much money you deserve.


Most people who have caused an automobile accident will contact their insurance company immediately. Oftentimes, the responsible party’s insurance company will contact you to offer you a settlement. According to All Law there are four reasons that the insurance company would hope to settle the case out of court.

1. The defendant wants to control the risks: The insurance company for the responsible party will want to settle out of court so that they case does not go before a sympathetic jury. If the case does go to court, the defendant risks paying more money than if they settled.
2. A settlement will keep the case out of the news: If the responsible driver was working for a large company, the company’s execs may not want the accident to be publicized. If the case goes to court, it could be. A settlement could take care of the problem quietly.
3. Prevents the plaintiff from going through a long trial: It is a good idea for the plaintiff to settle out of court if they don’t want to deal with a long, drawn out trial.
4. A settlement is a guaranteed victory for the plaintiff: If both parties can agree upon a settlement, the plaintiff is guaranteed to make money.

It is not uncommon for the responsible party’s insurance company to contact you very shortly after the accident. They will usually contact you before you even know the extent of your injuries. When they contact you, they will likely offer you a settlement, which is almost always much lower than what you deserve. If you agree to the settlement, you would be required to sign a document stating that you will not sue for more money later. If you don’t have much knowledge of car accident law, you could end up losing out on a great deal of money. Also, when you are recovering the mental and physical problems from the accident, the last thing that you want to deal with is pushy insurance companies. When you hire an attorney who has extensive knowledge of NYC car accident insurance laws, you will have someone to handle the negotiation process for you, so that you get the compensation that you deserve. While they are working out the negotiation, you can focus on getting better.

Case Preparation and Court Representation

If your lawyer and the lawyer for the responsible party’s insurance company were unable to agree upon a settlement, the case would go to court for a judge and jury to hear. Before the court date, your lawyer would need to prepare the strongest case possible. They would gather as much evidence as possible, to prove to a jury that you deserve compensation. They will also prepare a case to prove how much money you should be compensated.

After the case has been prepared, your lawyer would need to present it to the jury. They would present all of their evidence to the court. They would question witnesses on your behalf and cross-examine witnesses for the responsible party. It would take a lawyer with extensive knowledge of NYC car accident insurance laws to present the strongest case possible.

Other Legal Considerations

Each State and circumstance is unique to that situation.  You may need a firm that specializes in more than accident injuries such as these established and reputable firms:

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You Will Have Someone on Your Side

A car accident can be very painful and upsetting. When you hire a lawyer, you will have someone who is working with your best interests in mind. You will have someone to talk to, and to discuss what you are going through. Also, they will walk you through the entire process, so that you are not in the dark. Knowing that you have someone by your side can make the whole ordeal much more manageable.

If you were in a car accident that was the other driver’s fault, you deserve to be compensated for your medical bills, lost wages, damage to your vehicle, and pain and suffering. A lawyer with extensive knowledge of NYC car accident insurance laws will help you get the compensation that you deserve.